Today’s post is a flashback to my World Haus Fashion days; again, posting from a similar time a few years ago. This post actually has many interesting connections and facts, in terms of my outfit.

L E G G I N G S – These were my first pair of Blackmilk clothing leggings, that my husband, then boyfriend, bought me as a surprise! After falling in love with the brand, I ended up purchasing another few pair of their leggings. I defintely still have them today, and even though I don’t wear them as much as I used to, I will never sell them, basically because they are such a big part of my blogging days.

U G G  B O O T S  – Following my previous post about my UGG boot obsession, here is my very first pair of UGG boots – the classic three button boots.

B A G  – THE most popular Zara shopper amount fashion bloggers in 2012. Again, my husband, then boyfriend, surprised me with this bag on my birthday. It was sold out in the entire country, except for at one location. My man drove to a different city, just to get me this bag!! I knew he was a keeper even back then. Anyways, this bag remains proudly in my closet, along with the mini version (in black), and I think these bags will be another one of those classic items in my closet.

J A C K E T – When I first saw the Balenciaga “The Bombardier” jacket I knew it would be a hot commodity in the fashion world; and wasn’t I right. Of course, the price tag is no where near something I would pay for a jacket; especially because you can buy similar jackets with a much more reasonable price on the high street, for example. While browsing instagram, I’ve come across so many people who have this jacket, and finally, it hit me – I have a jacket that’s similar to The Bombardier right in my closet, which I bought a few good years ago in Poland. If I was to go back now, I don’t think I’d purchase it in this colour, but more of a black or grey, but I think I can still get some use out of it now, even thought I’m not much of a brown/nude clothing fan.  Nevertheless, it’s amazing how fashion likes to repeat itself.

S W E A T E R – A classic Tommy Hilfiger red knit sweater. Nothing more and nothing less.


I purchased my first pair of UGGs about 10 years ago… and I’ve been in love with the brand ever since! I remember when the boots originally hit the North American market, I wasn’t a big fan, actually, I wasn’t a fan at all! Now that I think about it, I believe I didn’t like them simply because everyone and anyone was wearing them; and I’m not one to follow the crowd…

Bailey Button Triplet II

Really, my parents bought me my first pair or UGGs and surprised me with them.  For the first few years I wore this one pair non stop – I couldn’t believe how comfortable and warm they were! Who cares that they look chunky, for the comfort and warmth it’s all worth it!

A few years later, I bought my second pair: . I went with somthing completely opposite of my original first pair – short and black. I think I literally wore the life out of these ones…

Mini Bailey Button II

Then along came pair number T H R E E ; something in between my first two pairs – grey and mid length! At this pair, I told myself: “Enough! This is the last pair you need!”.

Classic Short II

Who was I kidding though, this past weekend I decided I need another pair of UGGs, and what did I do? I bought another pair. I had a few choices, but decided going for a classic style – very similar to my very first original pair! I keep telling myself I bought these to wear around the house… but I have a feeling I will be bringing them out with me just as well; with time!!!

Bailey Button II

So, if you don’t already own a pair or two, I definitely recommend you just go for it and purchase a pair! Trust me!


864000EE-8170-4D84-B531-A0C9098211C1This week’s #HYGGESERIES post will be a simple one. Today I will tell you about the 10 general rules to follow when attempting to implement Hygge into your life.

1. ATMOSPHERE –“Turn down the lights”

2. PRESENCE “Be here now. Turn off the phone”

3. PLEASURE“Coffee, chocolate, cookies, cakes, candy. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”

4. EQUALITY“WE over ME. Share the tasks and the airtime”

5. GRATITUDE  -“Take it in, this might be as good as it gets”

6. HARMONY – “It’s not a competition. We already like you. There is not need to brag about your achievements.”

7. COMFORT “Get comfy. Take a break. It’s all about relaxation.”

8. TRUCE “No drama. Let’s discuss politics another day.”

9. TOGETHERNESS “Build relationships and narratives.”

10. SHELTER “This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security.”

These points are taken directly from my trusted Hygge source: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well, and I definitely see the potential in each one of them. Truly, each point can be connected to one another, as they all thrive together to build to one main idea of health, happiness, and a cozy comfortable lifestyle.


WHF: THE G O L D E N DAYS // 2012.10.23


The World Haus Fashion Chapter of my life is one I truly enjoy looking back on – it really was a great experience and adventure for me, which I can look back on with a full smile. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my life revolved solely around shopping, traveling, school, and my boyfriend – life was easy and breezy with minimal responsibility on my shoulders. This type of lifestyle allowed me to spend more time with my blog and fashion obsession, which was great, but, I do need more in my life than just fun… I thrive on achievements and motivation, I love working towards new goals and am always thinking up new projects and ideas to strive for.

I’m thrilled that I am able to continue my blogging adventures, even though they are on a much smaller scale now, but at least they are still  present and that’s what makes me happy. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I went full steam ahead with my blogging, like some of the other bloggers with who I started with and have now gained incredible successes because of their blogs… but then I come back and think, no, everything happens for a reason, and this is where I’m meant to be.


More importantly, I am truly happy with the direction my life is heading. Yes, there are sometimes speed bumps along the drive, but I can see my goal in the horizon and I can feel myself getting closer to achieving my mission each day. That’s what’s important. Remember that.

In term of this World Haus Fashion throwback, I thought I would pick a set of photos that  reflects the current season – and my favourite one; A U T U M N. This post is from October 2012, which really seems like forever ago!


The outfit I am wearing in these photos is one that I would still wear today; and actually still do (most of it anyways).

  • My dear Jeffrey Campbells haven’t been out for a stroll in a while, but they rest beautifully in my closet, just waiting for their reintroduction to the world – I honestly believe the day will come.
  • This forest green plaid shirt will never go out of style – I still wear it faithfully.
  • The Faux Fur vest that was a successful Winners find by my mom, remains a gem in my closet, and if another item which I don’t think will ever go out of style.



It’s actually so nice to see that the outfits I wore  few years ago, I can still relate to and wear nowadays. This generally means that my style, even though it has evolved, it really has always maintained itself. A few weeks ago I posted that I think I have finally figured out my style uniform and must have pieces, and, based on this WHF throwback post, it makes me smile, knowing that this was already my style set before I had even realized it!

So, it simply goes to show, just follow your intuition and it will all work out in the end!



“You don’t spell it, you feel it” – Winnie the Pooh, and also a great way of describing Hygge

The Hygge Lifestyle is all about defining the atmosphere and the environment we surround ourselves in and the feelings we gain from it. A few of the main words used to define Hygge can be; cozy, love, safe, shielded, or comfortable.  All in all, it’s the concept of creating a specific type of environment or feeling for an individual or group to live in.


The first characteristic of this lifestyle that I want to tell you about it, is probably something that you’ve already guessed we would talk about just by reading the description; Light and Warmth. A big part of the Hygge Lifestyle has to do with light; whether it’s in the form of candles or light bulbs, there is a  specific method to it, which therefore generates that warmth.


Did you know, the average Danish person burns approximately 6 kilos of candle wax each year – that is twice as much as the next runner up, Austrians, who burn approximately 3 kilos per year.  I started thinking about this deeper and thought, well yes, if the daylight hours and summer months are so short in Denmark (and the other Northern Countries in the area), then yes, candles are definitely a must have!


When you think of a candle burning, you think of a soft warm yellow/orange light; definitely nothing like those bright white lights you find in most offices. This is also a very important part of Hygge; the type of light. The idea behind the concept of light is to create a warm atmosphere with delicate and warm tones of light, nothing too bright, but rather more dim to create a specific calming mood and mentality. Lights, whether it’s candles or actual lighting units are placed specifically in homes and offices to create soothing pools of light. Generally the idea is that the lower the temperature of the light, the better.

It all makes sense now! By creating these soothing pools of light, as opposed to the bright fluorescent beams, people adapt to the environment better, which then generates more positive, calm, and happier atmospheres. No wonder the population in Denmark is often referred to as the “happiest population on the planet”.



With the days getting shorter and the cold and rainy weather rolling in, I find myself longing for a warm cup of tea and cozy blanket constantly. Reflecting on this feeling, and since I work full time and can’t spend my days under a blanket, I’ve been thinking of how I can create this sort of coziness anywhere I am. My thoughts of course went right to one of my favorite lifestyles:

H  Y  G  G  E 

Last year when I first discovered this magical wonderland of a lifestyle I completely fell in love and realized I have needed this in my life all along! I introduced you to HYGGE on my blog back in January, and even though I might not have written about this lifestyle on here very much, really everything I do is somehow HYGGE related.

Naturally, I found myself wandering the aisles of Indigo on a Friday night (yes, that is how I like to spend my Friday nights, surrounded by books and beautiful home decor inspirations), in search of more HYGGE inspirations. Lucky me, on the front display in the store I found two great books, which basically follow the HYGGE vibes; “The Little Book of LYKKE: The Danish Search for the World’s Happiest People” and “LAGOM (Not Too Little, Not Too Much): The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life”. Obviously I snatched them up and bought them without even thinking! I’ve already started flipping through them and I’m sure that once I read them fully I will have an abundance of great information to share. It’s actually quite funny because just by looking at the cover and introduction I already have this warm feeling of happiness inside!

To inspire myself further, and engage into the HYGGE Lifestyle even more, I have decided to create a HYGGE inspired series on my blog, which will run throughout the course of the gloomiest of months when the days become shorter and darker, and we start searching for that extra dose of happiness and light. Over the next few months I will share with you my insights on HYGGE habits and lifestyle choices through posts every Sunday, to go along with my weekly reflection habit.

First things first, if you don’t have it already, head over to your local bookstore and purchase “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking. I purchased this book about a year ago, and have really found lots of positive inspiration and motivation from its contents. The book provides readers with an overall outlook on the term Hygge and how to use it in your everyday life. To give you a bit of a preview, the table of contents in the book covers topics such as:

The key to Happiness

  • Light
  • Togetherness
  • Food and Drink
  • Clothing
  • Hygge outside the Home
  • Summer Hygge
  • Five Dimensions of Hygge
  • Hygge and Happiness
  • And More…

Throughout my #HyggeSeries I will attempt to cover and discuss a variety of these topics and try to relate them to day to day activities that you too can use to make your life more Hygge!

“Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Hygge is about being present enough to recognize and acknowledge an act, moment or feeling when the ordinary feels extraordinary.”  – quoted from Hygge House