Autumn is, and always has been my favorite season. It always feels like a fresh start; as the temperatures begin to drop, the leaves begin changing colors, and we move from easy summer months to fast paced reality.


In Canada, we often are lucky enough to have, what we call, an Indian summer in September/October; meaning that the temperatures often reach summertime averages, and we basically have an extra month of summer weather!

This past weekend, was a perfect example of this! The temperatures skyrocketed to 30+ humidity, and it truly felt like August, not September!

We had the opportunity to take this beautiful weather in fully, as we attended a wedding just outside of Toronto, in a town called Caledon. Caledon, which is a part of the Peel region, is absolutely stunning this time of year;  driving down the winding roads, through the beautifully changing trees makes you feel like you’re in a dream – it’s just breathtaking (and so close to the City).

I really do wish that it could be autumn all year, but for now I will just enjoy what I can get!