As you may have seen on Instagram, I recently went on a book splurge at one of my favourite bookstores;  I N D I G O, and definitely bought too many books. The problem is that I buy all of these books and then I don’t know which one to read first.

Since, the book I read prior to this splurge was a “Girl on the Train” type of book – which I will share with you on here next, most likely, I decided to go for an easier read; a family story, something lighter – in the sense of thrillers.

C O M M O N W E A L T H did just that for me; the author brought me into a different time period, pulled me into the lives of the characters, and made me question and want to dig deeper into the storyline. I enjoy books that give me that sense of freedom, because I love creating sub stories in my mind based on the story I am reading.

As always, I won’t go into detail of the storyline, but I will recommend it if you’re looking for a story that flips back and forth between characters and decades.



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