Before I started THE P R E T T I E R LIFE, I had a blog called WORLD HAUS FASHION. I had this blog for about six years, and it’s main focus was all things FASHION. My regular posts consisted of my outfits – day to day style, while traveling, etc. I had such a great time with the blog, it really allowed me to grow and develop my style (and closet), and find my happiness through a hobby.

Once I started working full time, I found it harder and harder to post regularly, and spend enough time on a post to be satisfied with it. That is when I decided to stop, and just give myself some time off from blogging to focus on my career and personal life.

A few years later… I just couldnt sit there anymore; I had to write, had to post, there was just too much I wanted to share. The simple fact that I love writing and having a social outlet to share on, was enough reason for me to get back into the blogosphere.

Starting this blog, was like starting  a new chapter in my life – I still want to focus on FASHION, but there is so much more to my daily happiness these days! My focus has developed and grown since WHF, and I knew I could start a new blog to build on this.

The title really just happened, I had always had a saying that I’m all about the “prettier things in life”, so I figured, it would fit perfectly to what I wanted to accomplish with this new blog.

The Prettier Life IS about the Prettier Things in Life – of course, you may want to use a different word, other than  P R E T T Y, but that’s how I see things, and it works for me. In this day and age, it’s so important that we don’t get caught up in this fast paced lifestyle too much, and that we are stil able to take time to slow down and notice the wonders of this planet.

Although we might want to, we can’t all travel the world – thank goodness for those that can because they can share with us the beauty of this universe. We are able to make our everyday lives more special by reflecting and admiring whats around us.

Think about it, start noticing the “prettier things” around you, and tell me if you start smiling more!




List of the Week: List the routines in your personal life and work

This weeks reflection from the “52 Lists for Happiness” book is to list routines in your personal life and work. I think this is a great list for the week, especially following the list from last week ( week one: list what makes you happy right now).

Listing the routines in our personal life and work, helps us to analyze really, where the hours of our day go; how we spent our time daily, and how much of that time is spent wisely, or what can be changed.

Reflect long and hard on this one, and list ALL of the routines you have, even the simple, easy, and quick ones – each routine builds on your day, life, character.  I’m thinking that after completing this list,  you will be able to remove and add a few other routines to your schedule, to build on your lifestyle and happiness even more.

Let’s get writing!




I have many favorite authors and writers that I share, but the one that comes to me automatically when asked “who’s your favorite?” is Kristin Hannah.

Kristins books work on me in a different way, for one, I cannot put her books down until I have read it entirely. Her story takes me through all my emotions, and completely pulls me into the storyline.

I recently finished reading “Firefly Lane” and it definitely brought out those same feelings. At work, while driving, all I could think about was what would happen next to the characters in the story.

The two other books that I have read, L O V E D, and would recommend by Kristin are Nightingale and Winter Garden. Both, very powerful story lines that drew me in from start to finish!

If you have any other recommendation for me by her, or someone else, please send them in!




As you know, I have a weak spot for handbags, always have and I think I always will. They are my Favourite accessory for many reasons, but mostly because I know that I can invest in a good handbag and have it for years (given that it’s a classic style).

Lately, I have become interested in the backpack trend – although I am still debating if it’s a trend or style that will stick around. Honestly, I don’t remember a time when backpacks weren’t a good idea, or when you didn’t need one?!

The question is, what kind of backpack are we talking about? I have had my sights set on the Louis Vuitton Palm Beach collection – possibly because I have been seeing it everywhere…

Though the backpack is comparable to the price of a designer bag, I do believe it may be worth it – I am still debating that fact to a point though, for my own purposes. If you see yourself wearing a backpack often enough to make it worth the purchase, then I say go for it; there will always be a time and place for a backpack in my opinion.

Not only is it easier to wear a backpack – think handsfree, no strain on one side of your body and shoulder; a backpack will most likely zip up or close entirely so you don’t have to worry about things falling out (hopefully). I am mentioning this, because of corse this is my dilemma at the moment; the majority of my day to day bags are “open”, and I’ve noticed recently I would really appreciate something that fully closes.

Finally, how classic and cute are these bags – I love the classic Louis Vuitton print, and I know it will NEVER go out of style! It’s been around for too long, and it’s considered as one of those heritage classic prints worldwide, by many generations!

What are your thoughts?! If you are debating or already wearing the backpack trend, which brand would you recommend?! I’m ready for all input!





Keeping with the floral trend, my perfume collection definitely contains a few (or more) floral scents!

Especially in the summer, I enjoy wearing floral scents; now, not all floral scents are the same and some are heavier or more “powdery” than others. I like my floral scents to be light and delicate.

one of my favorite perfume brands is Dolce & Gabbana; I have worn Light Blue for years, and recently fell in love with Dolce. Dolce being more floral, making it perfect for the Spring/Summer. Although, I can’t say I haven’t worn Light Blue all year round.

In terms of perfume, I have a few classic scents I often choose, such as Chloe by Chloe and Bright Crystal by Versace.

I used to wear all different types of perfumes, but in the recent years I’ve noticed that I’ve really found the ones that work for me and I’ve stuck to them.

I guess that is comes with age!



Coach has been a leading brand in the industry for many years now; although some may say that it did have its falls here and there, I have always seen the company as a strong competitor to many other fashion houses. With its classic and traditional styles, sturdy materials and compositions, Coach stole my heart from the very beginning.

Perhaps the appeal in the Brand is that it’s so close to home and the prices are reasonable (compared to other power house designers), in North America anyway. The possibility of snagging a Coach bag with a great discount is highly likely on this side of the planet. But, don’t take negatively; with its great composition and classic styles, it’s actually quite the steal!

Over the weekend, my husband and I took a mini trip to the GTA, of course stopping my the Toronto Premium Outlets, where as always, shopping is at it’s best. I was specifically on the hunt for a classic everyday bag, with a detailed list of specifications:

  • Silver hardware
  • Black of Grey
  • Classic style
  • Both top handle and crossbody options

As always, I found this perfect classic style at none other than C O A C H! Walking into the store I knew exactly what I was looking for; but of course got sidetracked by the thousands of beautiful bags all around me – looks like the new season styles have hit the shelves, and let me tell you, they are A M A Z I N G!

So, not only did the store have a very large selection of both women’s and mens items, it also had a great sale on – up to 60% of varies styles! Again, great bags and great prices, that’s a win on both ends.

So, of course, I found a few bags that fit my specific criteria of what I was looking for, and after trying them all on repeatedly, finally narrowed it down to one; the  P E R F E C T one!

Although this post may now seem like an ad for the company, let me assure you that IT IS! Without any monetary backup, I would advertise the company any day, because for years now I have been convinced that Coach is THE brand for classic , good quality, and affordable handbags!




About a week ago, I finally decided to purchase my first Moorea Seal List Journal. The two options were the “52 Lists Project” or the “52 Lists for Happiness”. Naturally, I opted for the Lists for Happiness one! I am all above it that word these day and I’m trying to reflect on it in every situation, so it only seemed right that this was the one I’d choose. Maybe once I’ve completed this one I’ll grab the other one.

I decided that today would be week one of this weekly journaling book. Like mentioned above, seeing as this happiness term reflects me, my actions, and thoughts daily, I figure it’s only fair to include this weekly journaling as a regular post on the blog. So, once a week, at the beginning of the week, I’ll write a post about the question of the week, and some thoughts I have on it, starting with today.

List of the Week: List what makes you happy right now.

This is a great starting point; humans by nature don’t automatically think about things that make us happy, we more often tend to start running through tasks and to-do lists in our minds. This list forces us to really think of what in our lives makes us happy, and therefore, makes us realize that there is so much more for us than we think.

I completely understand that it’s hard to “stop and smell the roses” because I myself am always on the run; but  I am learning to slow down and realize my surroundings and reflect on my feelings a bit more. This list will be a great starting point for that as well.




Some may say that journaling is a type of therapy; I think I agree with that. Reflecting on your day, your thoughts, etc, is a healthy method of clearing your mind of the thousands of thoughts that cross it each day. Not only does it helps us write out our thoughts, it also helps us keep track of them – unfortunately we cannot remember everything that we think of, and I for one, often have great ideas and just need a place to write them down before I forget them.

Of course, some days I have lots of thoughts to write down, and other days, nothing – but that doesn’t mean I don’t carry a journal with me at all times, just in case a thought comes to my mind.

So, not only is the journal good for reflecting on your positive thoughts, but it also allows us to write things down, that sometimes we want to say, but after thinking it over, we realize we shouldn’t. So, not only does it help you pull on your thoughts, but it also can save you from breaking the “think it, speak it, never write it” rule, as you are only writing it in your own journal.

There are T H O U S A N D S of journals; from lined to dotted pages, and patterns beyond our imagination, so how do we pick the right one? Honestly, I only have two main criteria when choosing my journals:

Paper Quality

It is so important for me, that the paper is thick and fairly sturdy. I often use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and Stabilo pens, so with the thicker paper, I know the ink won’t bleed through.

Exterior Design

As you know, I love all things floral and pink, so I usually tend to buy journals with that design.It’s important to buy something that will make you smile when you look at it, and make you want to write in of course. Also, you should make sure that you will be comfortable writing in it, so open it up and pretend you are writing something to see if your hand is comfortable.

A few more tips I can give you when buying a journal:

  • Don’t buy anything larger than 150 sheets – it’s good to switch it up after a while
  • Don’t buy the same journal twice – there are so many different options, try something new each time
  • Keep in mind if you prefer a coiled or binded book – I personally prefer a binded book, it feels more like a journal than a notebook used for school or work
  • If you are thinking of buying one online, make sure you are familiar with the refund policy in case you aren’t happy with it

Throughout the post you can find a few photos of some journals I purchased from Indigo. The brands are: Studio Oh!, Ecojot, Russell & Hazel, and Peter Pauper Press. I took my own advice and purchased a few I liked online and will pick out my favourites (which is always the hardest part becasue I love them all!).


As you may have seen on Instagram, I recently went on a book splurge at one of my favourite bookstores;  I N D I G O, and definitely bought too many books. The problem is that I buy all of these books and then I don’t know which one to read first.

Since, the book I read prior to this splurge was a “Girl on the Train” type of book – which I will share with you on here next, most likely, I decided to go for an easier read; a family story, something lighter – in the sense of thrillers.

C O M M O N W E A L T H did just that for me; the author brought me into a different time period, pulled me into the lives of the characters, and made me question and want to dig deeper into the storyline. I enjoy books that give me that sense of freedom, because I love creating sub stories in my mind based on the story I am reading.

As always, I won’t go into detail of the storyline, but I will recommend it if you’re looking for a story that flips back and forth between characters and decades.




I have always been a book worm; reading is just so calming and relaxing. I love how books are able to take us into an entirely different world, puts us in someone else’s shoes, and provides us with a different view.

Once I’m drawn into the story of a book, I can literally read anywhere, but that are certain times when I enjoy reading the most – that’s on a cozy evening in bed with a warm cup of tea, or a quiet morning with a cup of coffee. Having something warm to drink and a blanket to cuddle up in makes for the perfect reading combination.

Studies suggest that reading before bed goes both ways – I, myself, believe in the positive outcome of it. For one, it calms us (unless of course you’re reading something super intense), and it takes our thought away from our everyday thoughts. I’m sure we all have days when we just cant stop thinking, and everything that possibly could be going through our mind, goes through our mind!

R E L A Xstop all the thoughts in your mind, and drift into slumber.

As per the title, a chapter a day keeps the insomnia away – it sounds good, but I’d like to change it to “a chapter a night, calms the whirlpool of thoughts in your head“. Some people read more than a chapter, but for me, after a long day, a chapter is usually enough (especially during the week). Also, I find it depends on the time I slip into bed too; the earlier I get into bed, the more I can read.

Of course, I’m not saying this theory works every time, there are times when we jus tcant shut off, and we have to take different measures, but next time your brain is running wild and your body is telling you to sleep, try my book theory, and let me know how it works for you.