I’ve recently taken interest into a new theory: H Y G G E !

“Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Hygge is about being present enough to recognize and acknowledge an act, moment or feeling when the ordinary feels extraordinary.”  – quoted from Hygge House

I love how positive and realistic this theory sounds! This is exactly what we need to turn those “normal” days into extraordinary ones; to turn monotone weeks into fresh chapters.

I am currently in the process of researching this theory deeper, and am pretty sure I will have lots of posts and comments to make on this topic!

If you have any advice for me; which books to buy, where to find more information on this topic, or if you have experience or knowledge on this topic, I look forward to hearing from you!


img_4156I have always wanted a vintage teacup/mug collection, and recently, I have started fulfilling that dream. We recently received a few vintage English teacup sets; all with different patterns and designs, and I have completely fallen in love.  These pieces are the official start to my vintage collection. Above, you can see a snapshot of a few of my newest additions!

During my recent visit to Europe, I made a few more mug purchases – I just couldn’t resist the pretty floral and polish folk designs!

While in the UK, I of course had to stop in to one of my favourites; Cath Kidston, and of course purchased a few more peices – a few mugs, soup bowls and plates. All of these items of course floral explosion!

In Poland, I stocked up on all things Polish Folk – but thats a whole other post. I have to share with you all of the wonderful items I bought with my beloved Polish Folk prints!

Happy Thursday!




Books are a big part of my life, as are magazines, as you may know. I love sitting down with a good book to read or magazine to flip through – and none of that digital copy stuff, I only like hard copies.

The most recent book I finished reading is called “The German Girl” by Armando Lucas Correa. I had this book on my wish list for some time now, and finally made the decision to purchase it last weekend. Let me tell you, the book was so powerful that I managed to read it in one weekend!

The author tells his story through two separate views of Hannah, who lives in Berlin in 1939,  and Anna who lives in New York City in 2014. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, because it really is a good one, worth the read.!



|| H A P P Y  M O N D A Y ||

Hello Monday, and Hello New Week! 

I think we ALL know how hard the begining of a week can be, whether it’s a Monday or Wednesday, or whenever your week starts, it’s a new beginning, and it’s important to start it with a fresh mindset.

Every monday, when you open your eyes and start your day, please, don’t start it with a groan, but instead, with a smile. It might sound a bit silly, but research shows that the simplest smile can bring in postive energy – so S M I L E!




Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017!

The past year was a roller coaster of events, and I don’t expect anything less from this coming year – we enjoy life too much to let the days,weeks, or months pass us by. It’s so important to DO SOMETHING, take advantage of what you have, and work hard to achieve what you dream of.

I’ve done a lot of thinking, and this year, I’ve decided to focus more on a few specific details of my life – generally involving health and happiness. My main goal this year will be just that:

||   H E A L T H   &   H A P P I N E S S   ||

I’ve made countless lists of things I want in life, things I think will complete me, etc., and it all comes down to thes two above mentioned words. There is so much more to these words, when you really think about.

For me, these two words are the answer to my questions, and I will try to evolve on this new motto of mine, to show you, what I mean!

For now, I wish you all the best in the New Year!