As promised, I will be writing for you a “Bag of the Month” series; bringing you a different bag at the end of each month, and not necessarily one I would purchase (although the chances are slim), but one that has caught my eye, or I simply can’t stop thinking about.

This month, I bring you the infamous Gucci Dionysus handbag – I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the place!

I have been super tempted to get myself one, but I’m just not sure if it’s really one that I want to splurge on… (I have my sights set on something else…)

Gucci has been around long enough to make a name for itself; it will be a classic bag to own in your collection that’s for sure! With the variation of prints and sizes, you really do have options.

Personally, I am in love with the ones on the photos and have pros and cons for each of them; maybe that’s why I don’t think I should purchase it… maybe I’m just not a true Gucci fan… maybe I’ll grow into it.

Whatever it may be, the bag is a beauty, and just about everyone I know either has one or wants one!

I’d love to hear your input on this bag! Maybe you can sway my decision – either way!?

Happy Monday!



One of the most important pieces you must own (especially here in Canada) is a pair of very warm winter boots.

For many years now I have been the proud owner of UGGs – I found myself buying a new pair to my collection every year or so, not because the previous pair was worn out but because I loved the boot so much!

I am super excited to start wearing my UGGs again this upcoming season, buthavs also recently made a purchase of another pair or winter boots to add to my “super warm and comfy winter boot” collection.

Over the weekend, I spent some time at the Columbia Employee Store here in London; browsing for really anything that could catch my eye. Of course, something did!

The store carries a large selection of Sorel items, which is one of the other sought out winter clothing and footwear brands in the country. I have dreamt of a classic pair or Sorel boots for some time now, but each year opted for UGGs instead – which I definitely do not regret, I love my UGGs.

But, being at the store with this large selection on Sorel choices I decided it was time (and a sign) that I should finally get myself a pair of Sorel boots!

Originally, I was tempted  by the “Out and About”  leather boot and the “Tivoli II” suede boot, but with some carefull examination and thought of my needs for the boot, I decided to buy the “Joan of Arctic” boot. What swayed my decision was the fact that the winters are rough here in Canada, and I am pretty much always cold!

The boot comes in four different colours, and is meant for heavy snow and temperatures up to -30 degrees Celsius – perfection!

My husband also chose a pair of Sorel boots for himself, so let me know if you want to hear about his boots too, and if so, I’ll write a post about them too!

Winter prep is full steam ahead!





I recently read a great article in Porter Magazine asking “Are Heels a Feminist Issue?”.  The article basically discussed if woman should be obligated to wear heels to work, as opposed to flats, and if heels made a woman more feminine?

It’s an interesting question really, and I guess the only right answer in my opinion is; whatever you are more comfortable in, as long it works for the the occasion.

I LOVE heels, but they are not always the most appropriate choice,  and that’s when flats come into play.

Especially in the direction fashion is going it is becoming more and more common to wear flats or “kitten heels”; as the styles are becoming more fun and/or classy, where they can easily replace the classic black pump (though nothing is more classic than the “classic black pump”). I definitely think that every woman, at a certain age, should own a classic pair of black pumps – whether she wears them once a year or once a week, there is an unwritten rule of owning a classic pair.

Personally, I wear both; lately I’ve been running around in chunky 3.5 inch booties, which I am completely comfortable in, but that might not be the case for others. It all depends on the shoe too – heeled boots may be more comfortable for you than heeled sandals; everyone is different.

So my answer; everyone is different, whatever you are most comfortable in; and it must be appropriate for the occasion.

Happy Saturday!



Have you heard? H&M Canada officially opened its online store!

H&M has been one of my go-to stores for as long as I can remember – I had clothes from H&M even before I was the one shopping for them; my Aunt in Vienna always made sure I had all of the latest clothes from the collection.

As a child I spent my summer vacations entirely in Europe; between family members all dispersed through various countries in Europe. I definitely think that this is where I got my love for fashion from!

I am surprised that it took this long for H&M Canada to bring in online shopping, but now that it did, let’s take advantage of it! (Not to mention the extra 20% off for those who sign up for their newsletter)

Above you’ll see a few pieces I’ve picked out so far 🙂

Happy Friday!



Memories; one of the greatest things we can acquire in our lifetime. My greatest memories are created from traveling and sightseeing – the world is such a magnificent and magical place, with so many wonderful and unique places and things to see.

These photos were taken about three years ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico – it was one of the ports our cruise ship docked at. The city was absolutely beautiful – the architecture of the buildings were breathtaking, and the local environment were very welcoming. I would definitely like to go back one day.

My outfit for the day in San Juan – comfy and minimal, as it was very warm. I purchased these evergreen high waisted shorts from Primark in London, and the top from Aritzia (Talula brand). The classic Ray Bans also came out to play.

Happy #ThrowbackThursday




It’s time to start thinking about outfits for the upcoming holiday season, especially those Christmas parties!

I usually like to find a dress that I can wear for multiple occasions; it’s much more convenient to purchase various accessories  after finding that one perfect dress!

Over the weekend, my husband and I found ourselves at the nearby shopping centre; just to browse and grab a few things.

Walking into one of my favorite stores; Aritzia, my husband knew he was in trouble because I’d definitely find something I just “needed”!

Without a doubt, I stumbled upon a classic fit-and-flare charcoal number I completely fell in love with – without even trying it on! So, after trying it on, there was no doubt in my mind, the ultra-stretch ponte de roma fabric, long sleeves and hidden front pockets stole my heart (not to mention the feminine pleats); the perfect husband took the dress and walked over to the register! SCORE!

So, like never before, it took me no time to find the perfect dress for the season, and I am so thrilled – I know this dress will carry me through all the seasons parties and get together, and remain in my closet as a classic choice!

I won’t post any photos of the dress just yet, let’s leave that as a secret until I style it for its first outing!

Happy Wednesday!



There are some trends that you don’t fall in love with at first (or at all) but with time, they grow on you. This is what happened to me with the Alexander McQueen Exaggerated Sole Sneakers!

They first caught my attention when I was looking for a pair of white sneakers; at first I wasn’t sure what to think of them, the sole was very wide and thick…

Well, everything changed when I finally tried them on while in Chicago! I completely fell in love with them on the spot! I am still absolutely shocked (and pleased) at how comfortable they are!

Unfortunately I didn’t end up purchasing them, and haven’t been able to find my size online, but with my upcoming trip to Europe soon, I am pretty hopeful that I’ll score a pair there!

The MSRP on them currently ranges between $575-$620 US, so I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to find a better price – seeing as they will not be current seasons (the ones I want anyways).

All I can do now is hope that I can still find a pair in time for the S/S 17 season!



img_5522The healthy lifestyle has always been something I’ve tried to live by, in one way or another, but nothing like where I am right now. Working out hasn’t always been “my thing”. Only recently have I become fully invested in the art of the work out.

Recently I’ve learned the importance of being active – although I have only begun a scheduled plan a few weeks ago, I am already feeling the changes – every little bit helps. I always found it difficult to find a routine and stick to it, until I came across someone I’ve come to admire – Anna Lewandowska.

I started doing her 15/7 workout a few weeks ago – starting out, it was difficult to keep up, but now, the pain I feel is pure happiness. I know that the pain means that my body is getting stronger and let me tell you, it’s a great feeling!

Her workouts are fun and fulfilling – and give me just the right enough amount of push. I highly recommend the #HealthPlanByAnn by Anna Lewansowska.

Happy #MotivationMonday !!



My husband likes to call it a carpet, I call it one of my favorite jackets (and one of the comfiest)!  Jackets are one of my favorite items; as you know I am an Autumn-lover!

So,  not only is the jacket super comfy and a good length, it has a great print and detail! Because there is so much going on with this jacket, I opted for a simpler look; black jeans and a white blouse, and my classic Chanel bag!

This outfit is actually one of my favourites;  it’s really in line with my “uniform” as I like to call it!

My apologies that the photos are a bit blurry, but they were taken on my phone; and this time they didn’t come out so well unfortunately, but hopefully you get the idea of the outfit!

Happy Saturday!



As I’ve mentioned before, prior to this blog, I had another blog called World Haus Fashion; this was my first blog, that I started in 2009, and was one of the best things I could have done for myself.

Not only was this a great experience for me, but it also taught me things along the way, about myself, my surroundings, and more! Now, practically everyone has a blog so it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when I was first starting off we were all babies in the game.

Unfortunately, I was not able to continue working on my blog as much as I would have liked and with that I was less and less enganged with the community; just as others were finding out about these blogs and starting their own.

Although I wonder sometimes what my life would look like if I continued blogging instead of doing what I did,  I don’t regret the decisions I made. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I’ll stick to that.

I will be posting photos once in a while from my World Haus Fashion Days; I think that my style has changed a little bit; I’ve found a more uniform look which I tend to stickto most days, but overall; I still enjoy the having fun and experimenting with my outfits!

Happy Thursday!